Alexander Povzner

Digital printing, handcrafted glass, metal

37 х 52 сm


1309 €

An artist’s self-portrait is both an act of narcissism and a declaration of loneliness. Adding to it, like the title, the short prayer “Save and Protect” makes this balance veer toward (self-)irony. The materials –always an essential element in the work of a sculptor – which is involved in this act of protection from evil are the key to enter the game with the viewer the artist has created by making a large scale portrait of the self, dividing it into nine equal sections and randomly arranging it into a final composition. 

Bubble wrap made of glass “saves and protects” the self-portrait of the artist printed onto photo paper. The Dadaistic ironic play with the representation of the self is here doubled by the surrealistic approach at rendering an object which is expressly produced and sold for saving and protecting useless.