Type / Technique:
Silkscreen print

Fabriano Rosaspina paper 220 g/m, 4 runs silkscreen print, blind print intaglio

50 х 70 cm


2904 €

Authentic documents of a history where facts coexist with myths, legends and stories are re-elaborated from generation to generation. In her 'Travel report No.0172931' Makhacheva travels through time, visiting the past, present and future on a vertical geophysical axis with documents that captured the depths of the underwater world to the peaks of mountains and beyond, into outer space. In a play of juxtaposing flatness and relief (photography/silk printing and embossing), this series both celebrates the bravery of embarking on adventures and exploring the mysterious unknown and the will to take seriously the most absurd of ideas when people decide to fabricate where inventing is not possible. 

Travel report is an expedition and a homage to humanity’s millennial longing to conquer time and space, drawing inspiration from a Dagestan’s age old belief that the easiest and fastest way to walk between mountains is on a tightrope. Each print in this series is embossed with the image of patented devices that attempted the impossible, for example, one that used electrically charged particles in an electromagnetic field to operate time. As often happens in life, Travel report is a reminder of how science fiction and history often merge in harmony without contradicting each other.